Yoshi Star Galaxy

Star 1: Undefined
Star 2: Undefined
Star 3: Undefined

Designs made by TheMario101:

Star 1: “Yoshi Riding 101"

The player starts on the normal Yoshi Star starting planet. Everything is the same up until where Yoshi is trapped in an egg. Then, instead of one, three magikoopas appear. The player must kill them all to gain access to Yoshi. When Yoshi is let out of the egg he says, “Mario? Is that really you? I was looking for a power star in the forest when I was trapped in this egg. I know! We should team up to beat Bowser! Hop on!” At the part of the starting planet with the mud, cosmic clones appear. When Yoshi eats the fruit with the launch star, the cosmic clones disappear. The player then flies past the volcano which explodes with starbits and then lands on the wooden Yoshi head planet from space junk. The player must kill goombas to make another launch star appear leading to the solar system planets. Here are some goombas, paragoombas, flaptacks, and octoombas. The comet medal can be found high above one of the platforms at the top. Once all the enemies are killed, a launch star takes the player to the egg planet from good egg galaxy. The launch star is on the other side of the planet and there is a trail of rainbow notes the player can follow to reveal a 1-up. The launch star leads to Thom-1994’s forest. He can finish this star for he knows his design better than I do.

Star 2: “A Spiny on my Hiney”

The player once again starts on the Yoshi Star starting planet. A Yoshi egg is right in front of the player. Launch stars are connecting each planet from Yoshi Star in a loop like in Good Egg Galaxy’s purple coin challenge. 100 spinies are spread out on all the planets and once all of them are killed, a launch star appears on the starting planet leading to the Giga Lakitu Planet. Here the player fights Giga Lakitu.

Star 3: “Spiny Purple Coins”

There are 100 purple coins spread out on the starting planet with a 2:00 timer. There are also several spinies the player has to avoid.

Green Star 1:

(Based on Star 1)

If the player continues running instead of turning at the part with the mud on the starting planet, they will fall and hit the star.

Green Star 2:

(Based on Star 1)

The player must triple jump from the spot they land on the egg planet.

Green Star 3:

(Based on star 2)

If the player falls under the Giga Lakitu planet and flutter jumps, they will hit the star.

This galaxy does not have any progress on being made

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