Texture Hacking

One of the most recent achievements of the SMG2.5 staff team is texture hacking. It consists in editing the images which are used to "paint" the model surface of enemies, planets and other objects, in a way that they look different. This process enhances the customization possibilities of the project. It is considered by some members to be just the first step towards custom model and enemy importing and editing, which might also allow cameo appearances in the game.

Some of the initial experiences with texture hacking were the creation of the Purple Octoomba, Dark Block, Dry Bowser, and Stone Slide.

More and more members have joined the hacking process, either in editing the texture images or applying them in the game. Here are video examples of two variations of the Burn Bit texture, made by two different members.

The most recent texture hacking attempts now involve planet editing. Here are some pictures of the Ice Fortress, a texture variation of Throwback Galaxy's main planet in Google Sketchup:

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