8forrest: Custom logos
Agent000: Music Composer
Anthe: Programmer of the GUI for Astharp
Astroluma: Text level designs
blank: Programmer of the text editor
chadderz: Programmer, split screen multiplayer
cosmological: 3D level designs
Degolegodyl: Global Moderator, models
Demon Summoner
Glem3: Admin, level creator, texture art
GoombaGalaxy: Paint level designs
HolyRomanEmperor: Text level designs
icespike: Global mod, level creator
JakinDaBox: Advertiser
kamimatt: Programmer of AST convertor
LordFalcon: Text level designs, texture art
MarioMaster720: Advertiser
Marionumber1: Discoverer of texture hacking, programmer of texture editor, and BCSV editor
Martboo48: General hacker, SMG1 object importing, level creator
phantomwings: Maker of Anarchy
NWPlayer123: Getting custom logos to appear, SMG1 object importing, Comet Observatory, testing, file requests
Photobrick Studios: Art
question: Level creator (made Beat Block)
skyblaze101: Global mod
zommy08: Global mod, composer

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