Rolling Halfpipe Galaxy

This is an extra level. It is not determined which world it will be placed in.

Designs made by cosmological.

Starting Planet:
-The only thing that has changed is that purple blocks have been replaced with wooden platforms from Puzzle Plank. To get past this level you must, wall jump your way up to the silver chomp, hit the switch to release him from his cage, then have him fall from underneath the disappearing platforms. Then you move on to get the Starball, and head to Planet 2.

Planet 2:
-Still the same as it was last time, the vertical planet from hightail falls tilted sideways, the comet medal hasn't moved. (Glem if you can get a good image of this planet please use it)

The Halfpipe Planet:
Other Side:

-The planet is the same; the only difference is that you have to find a key on one of the platforms instead of destroying the goombas. Platforms have been added at the top of the halfpipe to land on and a small platform with the launched to the next planet.

The Sandbird:
The sandbird has been removed because the switch work needed wasn't possible.

The Ramp Planet: Formally, The Loop Planet
Due to gravitational difficulties the loop has been removed and it has just become the ramp to launch you to the next section.

The Final Planet:
Not much has changed except for the removal of purple blocks.

Closer View of the launch part:
The rings were added for effect and the purple blocks have been changed to a pipe and hightail falls platforms.
-After hitting the accelerator you fall down a hole onto super-massive blocks and go to the pipe. You have to go slowly down the pipe so you don't fly off and die, then make your way to the vertical dominoes.

Vertical Dominoes:
Nothing has changed in this section of the final planet.
-After exiting the pipe you go along the falling platforms from Hightail Falls Galaxy, as vertical dominoes. You must jump from one domino to the next before they fall to a death zone. Once you get past the dominoes you make it to the potentially last part.

The Pachinko:
The only difference is that purple blocks have been replaced with poles from Hightail Falls.
-After the dominoes you get on top of this platform. You must choose where you want to start and fall down hoping to get the star on the center. If you miss you go to the additional challenge, but if you land on the slots on the edges you die and must go back to the top where a check point was.

Additional Challenge:
Nothing has changed from last time.
Another Angle:
-If you miss the star by a slot left or right you move onto the additional challenge which involves drums and space junk platforms. After bouncing off the drums you reach a super-massive block with a sign. It says "The left path is quicker but dangerous but the right path is slower but very safe."
At the end of the blue space junk platforms is a 1-up.
If you happen to fall off the space-junk platforms you don't go back to the top of the previous section you start at the check point at the bottom.
When you finish this section you go back to the top of the last section and fall down again except the wrong hatches are sealed off so you can only get the star.

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