Anarchy in the Galaxy

Anarchy in the Galaxy is a computer program that allows you to add, remove, move around and edit the map file for any galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. However, unless you have all the files in either ISO, it is extremely hard to change or add any objects because almost all of the objects you would add in need a filename that corresponds to the name of the file that exists in the ISO. For example, The Goomba's filename is Kuribo.arc, so in order to add it, the filename you would need to add in into Anarchy is Kuribo. The obj_args a little bit down the list are specific to the object you are adding. For example, in some objects, like Lumas, the obj_args would define what color the luma would be. However, all of them are rarely if not never all used for one object. The ParamScale and the scales for the x y and z axises CANNOT equal zero or the object will never appear if you test it through Riivolution to load the files. The first x y and z define what coordinates it is at and the second pair of x y and z defines what way it is rotated.

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